Monday 13th March

The Sky Bet Season Opener

Saturday 15th April


1st race: 5.20, Last: 7.50

Sunday 23rd April

Totesport Sunday

1st race: 2.00, Last: 5.10

Monday 8th May

1st race: 2.20, Last: 4.50

Sunday 21st May

Riverside Sunday

1st race: 2.10, Last: 5.20

Friday 9th June

Hunterchase Evening

1st race: 5.30, Last: 9.00

Saturday 10th June


1st race: 6.00, Last: 9.00

Tuesday 20th June

1st race: 2.20, Last: 5.20

Tuesday 4th July


1st race: 6.20, Last: 8.50

Sunday 16th July

Family Day

1st race: 2.10, Last: 5.30

Sunday 23rd July

Ladies Day

1st race: 2.10, Last: 5.10

Thursday 3rd August

1st race: 1.30, Last: 4.55

Thursday 24th August

1st race: 1.40, Last: 4.55

Saturday 9th September

Stratford Super Saturday

1st race: 1.55, Last: 5.20

Monday 2nd October

1st race: 2.00, Last: 5.00

Saturday 21st October


1st race: 2.30, Last: 5.45

Thursday 2nd November

Season Finale

1st race: 1.40, Last: 4.20

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