New to Racing? Look no further, we have all you need to know for a perfect days racing.

Heading to the races is one of the most enjoyable things you will experience. Here is our easy seven-tip guide to ensure you have the perfect day.

1. ARRIVE EARLY – Stratford Racecourse’ gates will open two hours before the first race, so we advise you aim to get to the track at least an hour before racing starts to familiarise yourself with the lay out, what is on offer and give yourself plenty of time to have something to eat and drink. It also gives you a chance to study the form to ensure you’re ready to place a bet before the horses go down to the start for the first race.

2. BUY A RACECARD – The racecard provides you with all the information on the horses and jockeys for each race including the all essential jockeys’ colours, so you can spot your horse in the Parade ring and during the race.  It gives tips, which trainers and jockeys are currently doing well, who has travelled the furthest and other vital bits of information. The racecard will also help you find your way around the course and show you what is on offer to keep you entertained in between the racing.

3. EXPLORE – Have a walk around. There will be plenty of time between races to explore every part of the course and soak up the atmosphere of more than one particular area. You will then find your perfect spot from which to watch the racing.

4. WATCH THE HORSES IN THE PARADE RING – Racehorses are special and amazing animals. Here you will be able to get a close up view before they race. Fitness and well-being really count, so look closely and you could find your winner!

5. PLACE A BET – A small bet can add to the excitement of the day! You can bet with either the Tote (pool betting) or one of the Bookmakers. See below for more information on ‘How To Bet’.

6. WATCH THE RACE – Dependant on whether you have a Club, Tattersalls or Centre Course ticket, take advantage of the various viewing areas and see which you think is the best. Try a high position in the Grandstand, if you are a Club badge holder. Do not forget that there is a wonderful balcony for Tattersalls (and Club) badge holders adjoining the Garrick bar.

7. CELEBRATE – After each race, pop over to the Winners’ Enclosure and enjoy watching the winning and placed horses return to their proud and excited owners and trainers and the presentations to the winning connections.


Totepool can get you ‘off and racing’ with these simple tips on how to bet.


  • Pick your Racehorse, look around for the best odds on course, try to proffer the correct stake money for your wager.
  • Ask the Bookmaker for your bet, name the horse, (the bookmaker won’t necessarily know its number). Listen to the bookmaker repeat your bet to his clerk, correct bookmaker if he makes a mistake and recieve your Betting Ticket as a reciept for your bet.
  • Should your horse happen to win, present your betting ticket to the bookmaker, check your winnings.
  • Check with the bookmaker when placing a bet, the Place Terms. PLaxce Betting, not all on course bookmakers accept each way bets, ie. for a win or a place.
  • In the unlikely event of a dispute after adhering to this procedure, the bookmaker will tell the punter to approach the Ring Official, who will advise the racegoer of his rights.

  • Some course bookmakers have minimum stakes. e.g. £1, £5 or £10 but small backers are catered for in the racecourse Betting Shops


      In conjunction with The RCA, the bookmakers have introduced standard each-way terms. Bookmakers will provide these terms, or better, when offering each way betting.

          • Fewer than 3 runners – all on to win
          • 3 or 4 runners – 1/5 odds a place 1,2
          • 5 – 7 runners (inclusive) – 1/4 odds a place 1,2
          • 8 or more runners – 1/5 odds a place 1,2,3
          • Handicaps with 12 to 15 runners (inclusive) – 1/4 odds a place 1,2,3
          • Handicaps with 16 – 21 runners (inclusive) – 1/5 odds a place 1,2,3,4
          • Handicaps with 22 or more runners – 1/4 odds a place 1,2,3,4

      All bookmakers must display on their boards whether they are betting each way or to win only.

      You MUST be 18 or over to place a bet. You may be asked to provide proof of age when placing a bet. if you cannot produce this your bet will not be accepted.